Marlin Firmware

Marlin "Release Candidate" now supports Viki2. Marlin RC at GITHUB

Link to forked Marlin with early Viki2 support ( now merged with Marlin RC) Marlin Fork with Viki 2.0 support

What you need:

1. Install Arduino IDE if you haven't already.

2. Install U8Glib Library for Arduino

3. Edit Configuration.h

To enable Viki 2.0 LCD support on Marlin Firmware you will need to to un-comment the #define VIKI2 line on configuration.h

If using LED ring feature un-comment the line #define TEMP_STAT_LEDS

4. Edit Pin.h to assign corresponding pins for Viki 2 LCD. Reference the wiring guide for suggested and tested pin assignments and its locations on the controller boards. If your controller is not on the wiring diagram you can get it to work by referencing your board's expansion pins and assign the required pins for the LCD.