The Re-ARM board has break out pins for the Panucatt Devices Ethernet module. It plugs directly as shown.

Edit your config file to enable the Ethernet function.

WARNING: Enabling the Network settings in config without the module installed will prevent the board from booting.

Here's a sample config using DHCP. If you have an LCD display installed the IP address will be shown.

# network settings
network.enable                               true            # enable the ethernet network services
network.webserver.enable                     true             # enable the webserver
network.telnet.enable                        true             # enable the telnet server
network.plan9.enable                         true             # enable the plan9 network filesystem
network.ip_address                           auto             # the IP address
#network.ip_mask                       # the ip mask
#network.ip_gateway                      # the gateway address

For more information on the Ethernet function, see Smoothieware's Network Documentation.