The Azteeg X5 GT board has break out pins for the Panucatt Devices Ethernet module. It plugs directly as shown and uses EXP3 header. Please ensure that all the pins are inserted properly. Turn off power before installing/removing to prevent damage to main board and module.

Edit your config file to enable the Ethernet function.

WARNING: Enabling the Network settings in config without the module installed will prevent the board from booting.

Here's a sample config using DHCP. If you have an LCD display installed the IP address will be shown. To use a static IP, un-comment last 2 lines ( by removing #)  and assigning values for IP address, mask and gateway.

# network settings
network.enable                               true            # enable the ethernet network services
network.webserver.enable                     true             # enable the webserver
network.telnet.enable                        true             # enable the telnet server
network.plan9.enable                         true             # enable the plan9 network filesystem
network.ip_address                           auto             # the IP address
#network.ip_mask                       # the ip mask
#network.ip_gateway                      # the gateway address

For more information on the Ethernet function, see Smoothieware's Network Documentation.