This guide will work with the both single or double input thermocouple mini boards on X5 GT and X5 mini using Smoothieware.

1. Wire the thermocouple board to the X5 GT (of X5 mini) as shown. You can use any available Thermistor inputs or any free analog pins. (See wiring diagram for analog pins)

TC board pins.

GND - Connect to GND pin on controller

OUT - Connect to Thermistor signal pin or available analog pin on X5 GT

V+ - Connect to any +3.3V pin on X5 GT

You may also connect OUT to analog pins P1.30 and P1.31 on EXP1 (See X5 GT wiring diagram to locate pin)

2. Edit Config file to use the thermocouple board. This example uses the first hotend and TH0 thermistor input which is pin 0.24.

Lines in RED were commented out

Lines in BLUE were added

# Hotend temperature control configuration
temperature_control.hotend.enable            true             # Whether to activate this ( "hotend" ) module at all. All configuration is ignored if false.

temperature_control.hotend.sensor            ad8495
#temperature_control.hotend.thermistor_pin    0.24             # Pin for the thermistor to read

temperature_control.hotend.ad8495_pin           0.24
temperature_control.hotend.heater_pin        2.4              # Pin that controls the heater
#temperature_control.hotend.thermistor        EPCOS100K        # see
#temperature_control.hotend.beta             4066             # or set the beta value

temperature_control.hotend.set_m_code        104              #
temperature_control.hotend.set_and_wait_m_code 109            #
temperature_control.hotend.designator        T                #

#temperature_control.hotend.p_factor          13.7             #
#temperature_control.hotend.i_factor          0.097            #
#temperature_control.hotend.d_factor          24               #

#temperature_control.hotend.max_pwm          64               # max pwm, 64 is a good value if driving a 12v resistor with 24v.

3. Connect the thermocouple wire that came with the thermocouple board to the terminal block. Locate the white dot as shown on the photo above and connect the yellow wire of the thermocouple to this input side and the red one to the other input. Check that the exposed ends of each thermocouple wire do not short near the terminal block, the wire may twist and create a short.

4. Turn on main controller and check that thermocouple is reading correctly.