This guide will work with both Viki2 LCD and RepRap Discount Graphic LCD backpack versions.

#Connecting your Wifi Backpack to the LCD -----------------------------------

1. Make sure LCD and Main board are powered down. Disconnecting wires from LCD and main board while powered may cause damage.

2. Remove the wires attached to the LCD and remember how they are oriented. Attach the Wifi Backpack as shown. Make sure that the male pins of the LCD matches that of the female header of the backpack.

Viki2 LCD


Reprap Discount Full Graphic Smart LCD ( Top Set of Female Header)

RepRap Discount Smart Controller (Lower set of Female Headers)

3. Re-connect the LCD wires on the backpack, similar to how it was oriented when previously connected to the LCD.

Viki2 LCD

Reprap Discount Full Graphic Smart LCD - Wiring orientation may be different as shown, make sure to re-orient yours as it was originally.

4. Check wiring by turning on the main controller board, make sure that LCD Display powers up normally. If LCD does not come on, check that the backpack is seated properly and headers are aligned with those of the LCD. It is easy to insert the headers incorrectly as it is slightly smaller than the IDC header on the RRD Graphic LCDs.

5. Connect UART (TX/RX) wire - Locate pins marked as TX and RX on the backpacks. Using the supplied 2 conductor wire, connect these to the main board's Rx/TX pins. Consult your Main Controller Board documentation for location of these pins.

# UART pins are on the 6 pin male header on the backpacks

Backpack TX to Main Board's RX

Backpack RX to Main Board's TX

NOTE: Some Main controller boards share the RX/TX pins with the USB serial converter chip (Arduino Mega). A communication issue will arise if both backpack and USB are used at the same time. It is advised to disconnect the RX/TX (or at least the backpack's TX) wiring to the backpack when using USB. On most occasions the Wifi backpack can take over the Main board's USB communication tasks except when tuning/calibrating the machine.

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