The Temperature controller Kit includes the following items.

  1. Programmable Meter Controller (8V to 15V supply range)
  2. Temperature probe
  3. 60mm 12V DC Fan
  4. 24-12 DC-DC Step down regulator
  5. Extra wires
  6. Screw Set

Wiring Diagram:

Both Meter and Fan are rated at 12V, Connect them to your 12V supply as shown. 

  • Combine both positive wires(red) of the fan and power supply input into the positive input of the meter. Make sure there are no stray wires when inserting into the terminal block hole. 
  • Wire the negative(black) from the power supply into the Negative of the meter as show. 
  • Cut a small length of wire (black) to connect the negative input of the terminal block to the next input which is for the relay contacts. 
  • Wire the negative(black) of the fan into the last remaining terminal block input as shown.

If using a 24V supply (or anything above 15V) use the supplied DC-DC step down converter. This brings down the 24V supply voltage to 12V so the Meter will not be damaged and can operate normally. Wire the DC-DC converter as shown.

Programming the Meter:

The Meter has 2 buttons and 2 display numbers. Top most button is SET and the other is °C/°F. The Red display is the temperature measured by the probe and the Blue display is the Set Temperature.

The turns on and off using this formula.

FAN On = SET Temp(blue display) + Offset

FAN Off = Set Temp

Where "Offset" is setting P1 in the menu

As an example, if you have the SET temp(blue display) at 36°C and have an offset of "2" the Fan will turn on when the measure Temp(red display) reaches 38°C (36+2). Once the temperature starts going down, the fan turns off once it reaches the SET Temp (36°C in this example) . The Offset sets the range so the meter does not toggle the fan on and off too often. Start with an offset of "2" and adjust according to your needs. 

Once the Fan is triggered ON a Red LED on the lower right corner turns on indicating operation.

Change Temperature Units

Press the °C/°F button to toggle between °and°F

Setting the SET Temperature (blue display)

Press the SET button and the blue display blinks, at this point use the SET button to increase and the °C/°F button to decrease. You can also hold either button while in this mode to increase or decrease at a faster rate.

Enter the Settings menu

To enter the settings, press and hold the SET button until the display change (usually about 5 secs). Once inside the menu you can press SET to move the menu up and use °C/°F button to move down. To change the setting you are on press both SET and °C/°F. Once inside that particular setting you can use the buttons again to scroll available option for that setting item.

For our application we are only going to change setting P1 and possibly P0.

The menu numbers is listed as follows.

The basic setting we need to change to get the meter up and running are P0 and P1,

Set P0 to C (cooling)

Set P1 to your "Offset" of choice. 2 would ba a good starting point.

You can play with the other setting if needed. 

To exit any settings item or the setting menu itself you can just wait for it to time out for a few seconds. 

Running the wires on the Tarca enclosure

You can run the wires of the Fan on the grove of the top T-Slot going to the rear panel and cover it with foam tape. You can run the power supply wire through the side T-Slot going to the bottom holes. You may need extra wires depending on the location of your machine's power supply. Alternatively, you can drill a hole on the corner where the Meter is located and run all the wires internally. 

The Temperature probe should be positioned anywhere on the top half area inside of the enclosure preferably towards the middle and not too close to the fan.